This blog is about sharing photos. Working for the United Nations on trade logistics and development, I have the privilege to travel a lot. I meet fascinating human beings and visit diverse and interesting places, including sea ports, border crossings, markets, ministries and infrastructure projects. I try to document these visits and human encounters with my camera.

  • The main purpose of this blog is to document international trade and its transport. The beauty of containers, trucks, ships, customs officers (at times), and gantry cranes is covered in the collections Seaports and Border Crossings.
  • In the collection People and Places I try to capture urban transport and developmental and human dimensions of the countries visited.
  • There are also a few albums under Nature. These are, I hope, not only beautiful but somewhat documentary. As a child, I had always wanted to become like Prof. Grzimek.
  • Finally, I have started to use the space for some thoughts on trade logistics issues as well as an empirical study on hair cuts.
  • At the bottom of the page is a “search” function, which can be used to find specific countries.

I don’t mind if you use the photos for your own blogs, web-sites, ppts or publications – just kindly acknowledge the source. Photos after March 2009 are taken with Nikon DX cameras (first D90, then D7000, D7100, and currently D7200) and uploaded in full resolution; earlier photos are shot with an Olympus compact camera. You can also search the site for specific photos via google.

For related research, statistics, projects, blogs and teaching on trade logistics, shipping, trade facilitation, connectivity, maritime transport costs et al, please check the following:

I can best be contacted by e-mail (Jan.Hoffmann@UNCTAD.org). You may also want to connect via LinkedIn or follow on twitter. The usual disclaimers apply: This is a personal blog and opinions are not necessary those of my employer nor the associations where I am a member.

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